Monday, August 10, 2015

Halfway and Wheelchair Basketball

August 10, 2015

     Greetings from Toronto! We have hit the halfway point through the trip, and I must say the time is flying by. Between 8 hour shifts and off day excursions, we have packed plenty of activities into these 6 days. Luckily for me, today was an off day, and I took the opportunity to see one of the beautiful islands just off the shore of Toronto. The biggest attraction, Centre Island, has canoe and kayak rentals, as well as an amusement park, which is a popular children’s attraction. It’s placed between two smaller beaches, Ward’s Island and Hanlan’s Point. We chose to visit Ward’s Island, just a short ferry ride away from downtown. It was filled with small cottages, quaint beaches, and the tasty Island Café.

      We walked along the paths until we found the beach, which was a little cool. Even though the water was too cold to swim in, we still skipped rocks and walked along the shores until it was time for lunch. That is when we discovered the little café toward the front of the island, with outdoor seating and eclectic decorations. The food was delicious, and I especially appreciated the hot sauce (made in house of course!). Even though the rain prohibited us from exploring the island further, this was the perfect way to spend a relaxing day off of work.

     While I’m really enjoying watching wheelchair basketball, a sport being played in the Parapan Am games that would be fun to watch is sitting volleyball. The premise of this sport is similar to volleyball in that players hit the ball over the net to land on the other team’s side of the court. The difference is in the nets being only a little over a meter off the ground for men and women, and players must keep one buttocks on the court when handling the ball. This is the debut of women’s sitting volleyball, which is very exciting for the games. I’m hoping to catch some of the action on television!

     Thanks for keeping up with the CARDS TO2015 crew!

--Becky Legenza

At Ward's Island

Ready for lunch

Ms. Legenza trying the waters at Lake Ontario

Toronto's skyline from Ward's Island, on Lake Ontario: Ms. Moore, Ms. Keeling (scooter not pictured), Mr. Nugent, and Ms. Legenza

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