Sunday, August 9, 2015

Day 6

August 9, 2015

     Here we are at day six! It's hard to believe our trip is almost halfway over. I am astounded at how huge this city really is. We've tried to hit all of the major tourist spots, but there's too much to see and do in only two weeks. Our time volunteering at the games has been great so far. I love being able to have courtside seats to all of the games and still help out on the field of play. 

Part of our group returning home from the night shift at Ryerson Athletic Center
     Today we ventured out to Kensington market to grab some top-rated tacos at Seven Lives and shop at some very eclectic stores. Toronto is a very diverse city, so you can find almost anything you want as far as shopping and food. After Kensington, some of us ventured out to Little Portugal for an amazing brunch. We then went all the way downtown to visit the Ripley's Aquarium, which is breathtaking. 

      One Parapan Am sport I would really like to watch is Powerlifting. In powerlifting, the athlete assumes the benchpress position (with the back of the head and torso against the bench). From there, the bar is lowered to their chest. The athlete must then press the weight upward and hold it up with their arms straight until the referee gives the signal to lower the bar. The athlete who lifts the most weight wins. Originally, the sport was limited to athletes with spinal cord injuries, but it has since been expanded to athletes with other disabilities at the second Paralympic Games in 1964.

Emily Rabalais and the Pan Am flame in downtown Toronto!
     Our group has become so close already, and I'm so happy to have made sixteen new friends! We've had such a great time, and I hope our next week will be even better!

--Emily Rabalais

Being surprised: Ms. Gibb celebrating birthday in Toronto

Ms. Peterson and pin collection

Prof. Presley and her Games pins

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